Paula Saneaux_The New Face _ Acrylic on
The New Face © 2020
The New Face © 2020

Acrylic on canvas | 24"x36"

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Title TBA

2020- present

My new series embodies themes related to the fragility of life, mental health and illnesses associated to personal experiences and to other people’s experiences that have impacted me or that I am identified with. The pandemic has increased my thoughts on these matters and my desire to incorporate it into my art. Since 2007, I have experienced health challenges, the sudden loss of loved ones, my mother's illness, and her passing in 2020. From 2007 to 2013, I worked on a series of paintings related to these events titled "As in Christina’s World." My new series is the second part, which incorporates stories related to COVID-19. Life is precious and fragile. We can easily take it for granted due to scientific advances that have extended life expectancy. We also tend to push aside thoughts about the fragility of life because of our fear and discomfort as humans to consider our mortality. The fragility of life becomes evident when something tragic occurs. COVID-19 has spread globally, killing many and paralyzing life, social dynamics, and productive activities. Many have experienced uncertainty, helplessness, loneliness, fear, in other words, our human frailty.