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Artist Statement

My work explores topics related to human behavior, mental health, and social influences. It also offers an ironic discourse on issues such as self-objectification and existential matters such as the fragility of life and illness. I paint small worlds that articulate these themes by emphasizing aesthetics and using symbols to construct a narrative with multiple meanings.

My images are centered on women and girls in everyday settings and are rendered in grayscale and glazes on acrylic on canvas. I study sign processes, signification, and communication to generate multiple meanings for the stories I depict. I surround my subjects with objects that hint at their stories.

My new series embodies themes related to the fragility of life, mental health, and illness. Personal experiences and the pandemic have heightened my interest in these issues and fueled my desire to incorporate them into my art. I use elements that represent personal health events, the pandemic, and clowns’ distinctive features to compose these images. I use common clown costumes and accessories because I try to connect the vulnerability of our lives to that of a circus show that involves years of training and preparation and ends instantly when the act is finished. The impact of a clown is not due to his being funny. It's because we believe that beneath the slapstick and humor, there's a lot of pain and sadness. There are difficulties, just as there are in everyone's daily lives. We laugh with relief but also with uneasiness as the clown reveals what lies beneath for those who want to see. Simultaneously, the clown demonstrates to the audience how to laugh in the face of adversity. He demonstrates to them that life goes on, that it always will, and that it is not to be taken too seriously.

My work is continuously inspired by people I have met, had conversations with, and who have shaped my personal experiences. I also work towards understanding the social and emotional impact of human thoughts and behaviors. I am fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the mind and the vulnerability that comes with our fragility. With influences ranging from Rembrandt to Matisse to Balthus, I synthesize new variations from both explicit and implicit discourse.

I try to leave the viewer orphaned with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts to start conversations about the stories that I am portraying. 

Contemporary painting of a woman wearing a plague mask
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