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My work explores topics related to human behavior, mental health, social influences, stereotypes, and taboos. It also offers an ironic discourse on issues like self-objectification, and existential matters such as the fragility of life and illnesses, along with their outcomes. I paint worlds that articulate these themes by utilizing women as my main subject, emphasizing aesthetics, using symbols, and constructing a narrative with diverse meanings.

My images center on women and girls within ordinary interiors portrayed through shades of grey and glazes on acrylic on canvas. I study sign processes, signification, and communication of the stories I portray to generate diverse meanings. I surround my subjects with objects that hint at their stories. I represent these stories through females because I depict stories of females who have had an impact on me.

My new series embodies themes related to the fragility of life, mental health, and illnesses. The pandemic has increased my thoughts on these matters and my desire to incorporate them into my art. To compose these images, I use elements that represent personal health events, the pandemic, and clowns’ distinctive features. I use common clown costume accessories because I try to connect the vulnerability of our lives to that of a circus show that involves years of training and preparation and ends instantly when the act is finished.

I want to start a dialogue about the fragility of life by creating a space in which expressions are encouraged so that people embrace this fragility and make the most of life.

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Los Minutos © 2017 | Acrylic on canvas | 30"x20"

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