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The New Nude. Show with PoetsArtists, Zhou B Haus der Kunst, August 2018

Corpus & Auto-Objectification Catalogue, IDB Staff Association Art Gallery, July 2018

Paula Saneaux, Average Art Magazine, April 2018

"Fine art paintings depict women's experiences of sexuality and class," Creative Boom, article by Laura Collinson, January 5, 2018

"Paula Saneaux, An Artist Who Tells Stories to Her Audience," Professional Artist Magazine, artist interview by Adrian Alexander, December 2017/January 2018. Purchase here

“Dominican Artist recognized as an 'Extraordinary Artist' by the United States Government,” América Tejeda Magazine, March 16, 2016

Paula Saneaux, Oh Magazine, March, 2016. P10

La (o la sutileza de la refutación), Art show review by Joaquín Badajoz, March 2015

"Exploring Art," A La Moda Magazine, artist interview by Diana Suriel, May 6, 2014. P5

"I’m Bureista,Bureo Magazine, Interview by Rocío Figueroa, December 2012. P66

Arte Club Art Show Catalogue, National Gallery of Art of the Dominican Republic, 2012

"Art as an Investment," SDQ Magazine, article by Lucy García, September 2012. P10

26 Biennial de Artes Visuales Catalogue, Museum of Modern Art of the Dominican Republic, 2011

Best of Artists & Artisans Book, Kennedy Publishing, 2010

“The Central Bank releases its 3rd Art Museum’s Book Edition,” Artes Magazine, December 2010

Women Artists at the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic Catalogue, Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, 2010

XXII Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes Catalogue, Centro León Museum, 2008

"Ellas, Paula Saneaux," Rossy Ramos, Artes Magazine, October, 2008. P13

"Ellas, The Realism of Paula Saneaux," Listin Diario Newspaper, interview by Alexei Tellerias, September 3, 2008

"Art and Pleasure," Ellas Catalogue, review by Jonathan Goodman, 2007

"Painting prevails in Paleta de Niquel Biennial," Hoy Newspaper, review by Marianne De Tolentino, November 3, 2007. P1 

Candido Bido Paleta de Niquel Biennial Catalogue Candido Bido Museum, 2007

MINE Catalogue, Parsons School of Design, 2007

NYCAMS New York Center for The Arts Show ArtSlant Worldwide, April 2007

XXI Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes Catalogue Centro León Museum, 2006

Madness? Catalogue Parsons The New School of Design, 2006

“Paula Saneaux 'I look for beauty in the atypical',” Listin Diario Newspaper, interview by Beatriz González, September 29, 2005. P8 

“Chavon Graduate Exhibits at Funglode,” Diario Libre Newspaper, July 14, 2005. P24

Las Pracas Solo Show Catalogue,  Funglode Gallery of the Dominican Former President Dr. Leonel Fernández, 2005


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